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Cez týždeň vidím niekoľko tisíc zaujímavých článkov. Niektoré sú lepšie iné horšie, niektoré mi niečo dajú iné vezmú. Toto je pravidelný týždenný výber tých najlepších.


Weekly #15

Technológie Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, and CentOS Linux Now Patched Against "Foreshadow" Attacks Practical Web Cache Poisoning A Detailed Look at RFC 8446 (a.k.a. TLS 1.3) 1/0 = 0 Asking questions to images with deep learning: a visual-question-answer…


Weekly #14

Technológie Goodbye Python. Hello Go. The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 Intel has no chance in servers and they know it G Suite Horror Story How the EU made our website slow pH7Builder 👫 is a Professional & Open Source Social Dating CMS written in OOP PHP with the MVC pattern The default OpenSSH k…


Weekly #13

Technológie How we spent 30k USD in Firebase in less than 72 hours Amazon cloud revenue jumps 49 percent Git Aliases & Shell Why I deleted my GitHub account DevOps Use Case: Performing Redis maintenance in Kubernetes Save costs in your Kubernetes cluster with 5 open source tools GKE On-Prem Goog…


Weekly #12

Technológie The Most Popular Websites Loaded Insecurely in Slovakia 10 Hottest Job Skills for Young IT Workers Microsoft chce ukázat, že jeho cloud je lepší než od Amazonu. Spojil se proto s Walmartem DNS Rebinding Attacks Explained Google Cloud Launches Blockchain Toolkit for App Developers BPG Ima…


Weekly #11

Technológie AMD EPYC Performance Testing… or Don’t get on the wrong side of SystemD Elasticsearch Performance Tuning XARs: An efficient system for self-contained executables 3 Handy New Features in Chrome DevTools Microsoft is updating the Windows Notepad app for the first time in years Goodbye Micr…


Weekly #10

Technológie Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar updated with max 32 GB RAM, ‘improved’ third-generation keyboard, True Tone, and new Intel chips Vue.js: the good, the meh, and the ugly Why Kubernetes is The New Application Server Databases 101 ICANN't get no respect: Europe throws Whois privacy plan in…

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