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Weekly #29 - Docker, Prometheus, Go, YouTube SEO, best burger

Technológie Introducing Docker Engine 18.09 30 Second Kubernetes Concepts Cheat Sheet Cloud-Native Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana Monitoring With Prometheus Using Ansible Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Management Framework Open ZFS vs. Btrfs | and other file systems GoAWK, an AWK interpret…


Weekly #27 - Oracle 18c, monitoring, EKS, UX, serverless

Technológie MongoDB security tips The Dark Side of MongoDB’s New License Oracle Database 18c XE now available! The differing definitions of “serverless” eksctl - a CLI for Amazon EKS NoSQL: Building Your First Application & Connecting To MongoDB A high performance microservice framework in Golan…


Weekly #26 - RedHat pod IBM, iPad Pro, Facebook exodus, Golang

Technológie Red Hat + IBM: Creating the leading hybrid cloud provider Semmle Discovers Six Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting Macs, iPhones, and iPads Introducing reCAPTCHA v3: the new way to stop bots Introducing Twenty Nineteen Devops with Kubernetes Standard Go Project Layout A Question of Timing…


Weekly #25

Technológie HashiCorp Product Announcements at HashiConf 2018 Jsou weby na WordPressu skutečně pomalé? Pár poznámek ke studii Dannyho Richmana A Developer’s Guide to MongoDB Sharding A Quick Look at Stitch by MongoDB Managing Python Processes with PM2 Is Hadoop Officially Dead? Simple and beautiful…


Weekly #18

Technológie VMware CEO: A Virtual Machine Is Still the Best Place to Run Kubernetes Auth0 Architecture: Running In Multiple Cloud Providers And Regions 6 open source tools for making your own VPN Sandmap is a tool supporting network and system reconnaissance using the massive Nmap engine Hitchhiker'…


Weekly #13

Technológie How we spent 30k USD in Firebase in less than 72 hours Amazon cloud revenue jumps 49 percent Git Aliases & Shell Why I deleted my GitHub account DevOps Use Case: Performing Redis maintenance in Kubernetes Save costs in your Kubernetes cluster with 5 open source tools GKE On-Prem Goog…

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