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Docker Swarm prežije

Po tom, čo spoločnosť Mirantis v novembri 2019 kúpila Docker Enterprise Platform bolo z jej strany oznámene, že Swarm bude podporovaný ešte dva roky. Docker Swarm je orchestračný nástroj pre Docker kontajnery, umožňuje vytvárať služby a komplexné clustre. Globálne v tomto segmente softvéru dominuje…


Weekly #96 - K8s rolling update, Let's Encrypt, dark UX

Technológie So you wanna buy a used IP address block? The growth of command line options, 1979-Present Daily life with the offline laptop Let's Encrypt Has Issued a Billion Certificates A half-hour to learn Rust Rome - an experimental JavaScript toolchain The Problem with Microservices: ‘Deep System…


Weekly #94 - rast DevOps, node.js, HTTP/3, UX

Technológie Structuring Your Teams for Software Reliability Scaling to 100k Users How we optimized our DNS server using go tools How To Read An Excel File In Node.js 6 Lessons learned from optimizing the performance of a Node.js service Block Editor Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress 5.4 A Complete Gui…


Weekly #92 - monoliths, security, UX, K8s

Technológie Pwning your (web)server and network the easy way - or why exposing ~/.ssh/ is a bad idea Monoliths are the future Apple Wants To Standardize the Format of SMS OTPs (One-Time Passcodes) Say hello to OpenSK: a fully open-source security key implementation Latency Numbers Every Programmer S…


Weekly #90 - Golang, academic torrents, data as code, Facebook

Technológie CSS-Only Carousel Animate Text on Scroll Free hand drawn emoji font Making Slideshows w/FFMpeg Top 6 security best practices for Go HTML, CSS and Go, Together at Long Last: Vugu Premise and Example Goroutine leak detector Building a BitTorrent client from the ground up in Go academictorr…


Weekly #89 - Kubernetes, HTTP/3, Netflix A/B test

Technológie Guide to Bootstrap Columns: Examples, Tutorials, and Tricks The Status of HTTP/3 5 Questions to Ask When Implementing a Multi-CDN Strategy What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sudo A general purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go OpenStack’s Complicated Kubernetes Relationship OpenShift an…

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