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Weekly #187 - Kotless, JetBrains Fleet, K8up, Miroslav Zikmund

Technológie Welcome to Fleet lazygit - simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library Notes on GitOps potential role in compliance Linux tips for using cron to schedule tasks How Reliability and Product Teams Collaborate at Booking.com Save your engineers' sleep: best prac…


Weekly #186 - PHP 8.1, PHP Foundation, GoDaddy, Gluster 10, Wireshark 3.6

Technológie Gluster 10 PHP Foundation GoDaddy discloses recent security breach that exposed 1.2 million accounts Temporary Tables in MySQL – Never Ending Story? Wireshark 3.6 How I build command-line apps in JavaScript What’s new with JSON in PostgreSQL v14 7 Ways to Improve Node.js Performance at S…


Vemzu si jednu klamlivú reklamu

Black friday. Black friday everywhere. E-shopy do toho šlapú čo to dá. Aj keď predpovede sú, že rekordy dosiahnuté nebudú. Čo ma ale neprestáva udivovať, že firmy stále baví chovať sa – poviem to slušne – neeticky. Nemilo ma prekvapilo, že Vemzu ma lákalo na „Najstrašidelnejšie až -60% ZĽAVY.“ Stra…


Weekly #185 - AlmaLinux 8.5, LXD 4.20, Lighthouse 9.0, Windows 11 SE

Technológie Git Techniques at Risk Ledger AlmaLinux 8.5 Yes, PHP is Worth Learning/Using in $CURRENT_YEAR LXD live migration Web Scraping with Go Ephemeral Postgres Databases What's new in Lighthouse 9.0 Powerful Terminal And Command-Line (CLI) Tools For Modern Web Development Demystifying OpenZFS 2…


Weekly #184 - Meky, RHEL 8.5, Visual Studio 2022, Knative 1.0

Technológie Memory leaks are crippling my M1 MacBook Pro–and I’m not alone 4 Linux tools to erase your data Orca is an esoteric programming language, designed to create procedural sequencers Alibaba open sources four RISC-V cores: XuanTie E902, E906, C906 and C910 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Visual…

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