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Cez týždeň vidím niekoľko tisíc zaujímavých článkov. Niektoré sú lepšie iné horšie, niektoré mi niečo dajú iné vezmú. Toto je pravidelný týždenný výber tých najlepších.


Weekly #141 - Go, Podman, OpenShift s Windows, gomerge, UX

Technológie Incident Phenomena: Shorthand Names, à la Danny Ocean SLO — From Nothing to… Production A half-hour to learn Rust Get Started With TypeScript the Easy Way Lessons learned in incident management A fast TCP/UDP tunnel over HTTP Build a Tiny Certificate Authority For Your Homelab gomerge is…


Weekly #140 - Python, JetBrains, George Orwell, Jack Ma, Julian Assange

Technológie Load testing is hard, and the tools are... not great. But why? Show progress in your Python apps with tqdm 10 examples of using Python in 2020 Writing large ZIP archives without memory inflation in Python Create Terraform files using Python scripts Making sense of what happened is hard H…


Weekly #139 - Ruby 3, Git 2.30, serverless, TikTok, UX

Technológie Travis CI - The Cookbook with Bash Ruby 3.0.0 Released darktable 3.4.0 Great News for CentOS Users! Rocky Linux is Set to Arrive in Q2 2021 Git 2.30 The Mysterious Case of the Bad Gateway (502) You Reap What You Code Set up an Ansible lab in 20 minutes 9 things to do in your first 10 min…


Weekly #138 - node.js, Deltaflow.OS, .ORG, Cyberpunk 2077

Technológie A Complete Guide to CSS Gradients Request Map Generator A Guide to Creating Your First React App Validate the Strength of a Password in Go Time to Say Goodbye to Google Fonts Kafka Is Not a Database It’s Just a Monitoring Change Top 11 Node.js ORMs, Query Builders & Database Librarie…


Weekly #137 - Google outage, Linux 5.10, Pornhub, Docker Desktop 3

Technológie Git is simply too hard Everyone Should Have Access to the Web An ex-Googler's guide to dev tools PostgreSQL Benchmarks: Apple ARM M1 MacBook Pro 2020 Introducing x64 emulation in preview for Windows 10 on ARM PCs Google outage: YouTube, Docs and Gmail knocked offline 8 Git aliases that m…

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