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Cez týždeň vidím niekoľko tisíc zaujímavých článkov. Niektoré sú lepšie iné horšie, niektoré mi niečo dajú iné vezmú. Toto je pravidelný týždenný výber tých najlepších.


Weekly #106 - PHP, Ts&Zzz, burnout, Zabbix 5.0 LTS

Technológie A Complete Guide to CSS Functions Write Libraries, Not Frameworks PHP showing its maturity in release 7.4 Two months with Powershell on a UNIX Using Domain-Driven Design(DDD)in Golang The Zen of Go Understanding and implementing rate limiting in Node.js Please don't write your documentat…


Weekly #105 - MacBook Pro, Helm, Inkscape, SaltStack

Technológie The Tail at Scale Pre-requisites to Practicing Reliability? Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard, double the storage, and faster performance Microsoft's GitHub account allegedly hacked, 500GB stolen Keybase joins Zoom Ubuntu 20.04 LTS’ snap obsession has snapped me off o…


Weekly #104 - BGP, QEMU 5, Kubernetes, Redis 6

Technológie Is BGP safe yet? 6 Tips for Improving Drupal Performance Creating Playful Effects With CSS Text Shadows QEMU 5 Create a CSS only image gallery How to build robust anomaly detectors with machine learning Redis 6 How to create an incident response playbook Human-friendly Domains with Knati…


Weekly #102 - HTTP/3 performance, portray, UX

Technológie Create Animated Loading Text with CSS The Simpsons in CSS Building dark mode on Stack Overflow Comparing HTTP/3 vs. HTTP/2 Performance Over 500,000 Zoom accounts sold on hacker forums, the dark web GitHub is now free for teams GitHub Protips: Tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets from Lee Rei…

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