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Cez týždeň vidím niekoľko tisíc zaujímavých článkov. Niektoré sú lepšie iné horšie, niektoré mi niečo dajú iné vezmú. Toto je pravidelný týždenný výber tých najlepších.


Weekly #151 - pz, Skaffold, Cosign, TLS, Crystal 1.0

Technológie Pythonize (pz): když chcete na řádce Python místo Bashe TLS 1.0, 1.1 officially deprecated A modern practical book about cryptography for developers The Raspberry Pi can boot off NVMe SSDs now Backup your ZFS snapshots to S3 Ethernet and IP Networking 101 (Heavily Illustrated) Chrome: A…


Weekly #149 - Kubernetes, OVH, Windows Server 2022, Photon OS 4, Git clone

Technológie Mitigating the effects of silent data corruption at scale AWS’s faulty UX cost our business $7k and they refused to do anything about it Security Chaos Engineering: How to Security Differently SRE as Organizational Transformation: Lessons from Activist Organizers The Surprising Things Th…


Weekly #148 - Tidal, Electron 12, Flutter 2, Goat Ops, OpenSSH 8.5

Technológie This is a list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers Evolving Schemaless into a Distributed SQL Database SRE vs DevOps: What you need to know Faster, more efficient systems for finding and fixing regressions Electron 12 OpenSSH 8.5 B…


Weekly #147 - Firefox 86, IPv8, UX/UI trends, Kubernetes

Technológie A Trip into FreeBSD EncryptStorage provide a little more security in frontend Optimizing Video For Size And Quality 8 tips for reliable Linux system automation Sometimes alerts have inobvious reasons for existing Go is not an easy language Please do not put IP addresses into DNS MX recor…


Weekly #146 - Go 1.16, Linux 5.11, Jam, Let’s Encrypt, Nassim Taleb

Technológie Why updating DNS is slow A visual guide to SSH tunnels Zero Downtime Release: Disruption-free Load Balancing of a Multi-Billion User Website Go 1.16 is released 5 good reasons not to get AWS certified Linux 5.11 Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Erlang &a…

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