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weekly 7️⃣

Cez týždeň vidím niekoľko tisíc zaujímavých článkov. Niektoré sú lepšie iné horšie, niektoré mi niečo dajú iné vezmú. Toto je pravidelný týždenný výber tých najlepších.


Weekly #83 - Bootstrap 4.4, Julia 1.3, Django 3.0, WAF pre PHP

Technológie The Lines of Code That Changed Everything How to monitor MySQL / MariaDB query progress Veeam - Native backup for Amazon EC2 Web Application Firewall (WAF) for PHP Julia v1.3 Bootstrap 4.4 Everything I know about Kubernetes I learned from a cluster of Raspberry Pis Node.js based forum so…


Weekly #82 - illustrations kit, OK BOOMER, Kubernetes, PHP 7.4

Technológie The perfect programming language The 80/24 rule Unpacking Competitive Benchmark Claims Minifies PostgreSQL scripts Dell Launches Kubernetes-Based Managed Service Kubestone is a benchmarking Operator that can evaluate the performance of Kubernetes installations FTP client for Node.js, sup…


Weekly #81 - blokovanie reklamy, serverless, Google Earth, Diez, predaj .ORG

Technológie A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites Breaking Down the OWASP API Security Top 10 (series) Private Equity company acquires .Org registry Serverless Deployment Best Practices Ubuntu 20.04 LTS sa zbaví závislostí na Pythone 2 Microsoft: Defender ATP is coming to…


Weekly #78 - Electron 7, UX, zbohom Flash, Fedora 31

Technológie Hey AWS - it's time to pay OSS developers A bookmarklet for translating marketing speak into human-readable text Electron 7.0.0 Picture Perfect: How JPG EXIF Data Hides Malware 20 jQuery Buttons The problem with dropdown fields (and what you should use instead) Alpine Linux image with Ng…

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