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Weekly #77 - UX, Bazel 1.0, Firefox 70, Ubuntu má 15, NordVPN, Ghost 3.0

Technológie Happy 15th Birthday, Ubuntu! Six Reasons Why iOS 13 and Catalina Are So Buggy Bazel Reaches 1.0 Milestone! Firefox 70 — a bountiful release for all Dapr - an event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices on cloud and edge Zabbix 4.4 přichází s druhou generací agenta v jazyce…


Weekly #73 - security, AWS, Hvězda svobody, TikTok

Technológie Should VMware Change Its Name? My top 25 items in a senior engineer’s checklist Is serverless the end of ops? Automatically compress images on Pull Requests KubeSphere is an enterprise-grade multi-tenant container management platform that built on Kubernetes Announcing Istio 1.3 Modern a…


Weekly #71 - Apple keynote, K8s, UX, Facebook, burnout

Technológie A huge database of Facebook users’ phone numbers found online A go package for generating online histograms and plotting them in the terminal and PDFs Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy camaro is an utility to transform XML to JSON, using Node.js b…


Weekly #70 - serverless.help, scrollytelling, Hadoop

Technológie serverless.help Serverless costs calculator Ten Things Serverless Architects Should Know Istio the Easy Way 4 Different Approaches for Kubernetes in the Enterprise What happened to Hadoop Apple připomíná vývojářům, aby připravili své aplikace pro Dark Mode v iOS 13 Improving Siri’s priva…

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