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Weekly #41 - CDN, Ubuntu 18.04.2, CVE-2019-5736

Technol├│gie Benchmarking CDNs: CloudFront, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Google Cloud Insights Into Node by Numbers 2018 Using Dotfiles for Managing Development and Many Other Magical Things Ubuntu 18.04.2 CVE-2019-5736: runc container breakout (all versions) This notes describes how to improve Nginx perf…


Weekly #39 - Google operators, SRE, Instagram bez hashtagov

Technol├│gie Cloud Native Apps Need to be Managed in a Completely New Way Generate x86 Assembly with Go On Infrastructure at Scale: A Cascading Failure of Distributed Systems 4 Lessons From Scaling iOS CI/CD What exactly do developer advocates do? What Does a Site Reliability Engineer Do? Do you have…


Weekly #38 - Golang, CVE-2019-3462, tech revolt, Debian 9.7, Citus Data

Technol├│gie Remote Code Execution in apt/apt-get MySQL client allows MySQL server to request any local file How Tilt updates Kubernetes in Seconds, not Minutes Amazon API Gateway announces service level agreement Golang implementation of Pico face detection library U┼żite─Źn├ę bal├ş─Źky pro ka┼żdodenn├ş po…


Serverless kontajnerov├Ż hosting Hyper.sh kon─Ź├ş

Cloud slu┼żba Hyper.sh bude vypnut├í 15. janu├íra 2019. Viac inform├ícii pre─Źo tomu tak je sa ale na ofici├ílnom webe nedozviete. Startup, ktor├Ż vznikol v roku 2015 to ozn├ímil koncom minul├ęho roka. Slu┼żba bola zauj├şmav├í svojimi cenami a sekundovou tarifik├íciou spusten├Żch kontajnerov. Za dobu svojej exist…


Weekly #35 - Laravel toolkit, Redis, SaaS, predpovede na 2019

Technol├│gie Meet Twill: an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel Deploy applications described in Compose onto Kubernetes clusters The Agile Operations methodology 12 days of DevOps: Expert tips to help teams succeed YAML Has Won The biggest technology failures of 2018 Apache SparkÔÇŐÔÇöÔÇŐTips and Tricks f…

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