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Užívateľský zážitok (z anglického User Experience) je aspekt ľudskej interakcie s daným systémom, zahŕňajúci rozhranie, grafiku, priemyslový dizajn, fyzickú interakciu a manuál


Weekly #58 - IBM, UX, AWS, NPM, RFC 8624, RAMBleed, MAlt

Technológie Google Cloud Networking Incident #19009 Fortune 500 company leaked 264GB in client, payment data AWS costs every programmer should know CI/CD, AWS, and Serverless: 5 tips I learned the hard way The Most Minimal Serverless Function Kubernetes basics: Learn how to drive first Compilation o…


Weekly #57 - Go, Facebook pixel, Kubernetes, Apple WWDC, Kinsey Wolanski

Technológie End Of Life dates Broken by default: why you should avoid most Dockerfile examples Announcing the fastest WebAssembly runtime for Go: wasmer How To Do Math in Go with Operators How To Compile Go code 40% faster with RAM disk Accessible Icon Buttons Deploying Active-Active PostgreSQL on K…


Weekly #56 - ZFS on Linux 0.8, Perl 5.30, GParted 1.0, Angular 8, CVE-2018-15664

Technológie The Twistlock Acquisition: An Analysis of Palo Alto Networks’ strategy ZetaSQL - Analyzer Framework for SQL What sucks about GitLab? CVE-2018-15664: docker (all versions) is vulnerable to a symlink-race attack Debugging Firmware with GDB Security for Elasticsearch is now free Linux distr…


Weekly #55 - Hermes 1.0, Kubernetes, Vue.js, RDS

Technológie CVE-2019-0708 | Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability HP Enterprise Nears Deal to Buy Supercomputer Pioneer Cray Hermes 1.0 released Building a GraphQL Server with Laravel Password Hashing in NodeJS Log to Elasticsearch using curl Introducing the Red Hat Universal B…


Weekly #54 - WordPress 5.2, MDS vulnerabilities, Alexa, Bitnami

Technológie WordPress 5.2 “Jaco” Patch status for the new MDS attacks against Intel CPUs Anatomy of a Cascading Failure Microsoft to reduce Azure outages with Project Tardigrade Failure is Familiar, Safety is Surprising Empathy-Driven Development: How Engineers Can Tap into This Critical Skill Amazo…


Weekly #53 - RHEL 8, .NET 5, OpenShift 4, GCC 9.1, JMAP, 768K Day, RStudio 1.2

Technológie GCC 9.1 Released How to collect, customize, and analyze PHP logs RStudio 1.2 Developing Meaningful Automated Metrics Serving Vue.js apps on Github Pages A Designer's Guide to Animating Icons with CSS How to Improve HTML Table Accessibility with Markup MySQL8 Cluster and Networking Proble…

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