V poradí piaty ročník konferencie sa uskutoční XML Prague v dňoch 13. a 14. marca 2010. Tá je určená pre vývojárov, geekov, menežerov ale aj študentov. Zaregistrovať sa môžete na stránkach xmlprague.cz – registračný poplatok je 30 resp. 60 eúr

Potvrdení hostia:

  • Sharon Adler – Why is Markup Still Important after 30 years and Will it Still be Important in Another 30
  • Robin Berjon – Multimedia XML
  • George Cristian Bina – Schema-aware editing
  • Benjamin Bock – Topic Maps run from XML and is coming back with Flowers
  • Mathias Brantner – Extending XQuery with collections, indexes and integrity constraints
  • Anthony Coates – “Full Impact” Schema Differencing
  • Daniela Florescu – A Time Machine for XML
  • Florent Georges – EXPath: Packaging, and Web applications
  • Tony Graham – Arrow to Octopus: What XSL 2.0 means for implementers and users
  • Mark Howe – Real time, all the time, ragtime XML
  • Mike Kay – Streaming in XSLT 2.1
  • Donald Kossmann – XQuery in the Browser (Demo)
  • Ari Nordström – Film Markup Language (Automating Cinemas Using XML)
  • Laurens Van den Oever – Tracking Changes: Technical and UX challenges
  • Liam Quin – Future of XML at W3C
  • Felix Sasaki – How to avoid suffering from markup: A project report about the virtue of hiding XML
  • Stéphane Sire – Authoring XML all the Time, Everywhere and by Everyone
  • Norman Walsh – Automating Document Assembly in DocBook