MailEnable vo verzii standard poskytuje SMTP a POP3 služby pre systémy Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Možnosti administrátorskej konzoly:

  • Mailbox quotas
  • Redirection for mailboxes or domains
  • Autoresponders
  • Easily configure catchall, abuse & postmaster email addresses
  • Delete messages by criteria - age, mailbox, post office or globally
  • Import or export users
  • Manage/create groups

Anti SPAM:

  • Option to check for PTR record for connections
  • Grant or deny access for IP address ranges
  • Support for DNS blacklists (Spamhaus, Dorkslayers, Spamcop, etc.) - Windows 2000 or later required
  • Configure your own DNS blacklists - Windows 2000 or later required
  • Allow/deny email where the sender domain does not resolve
  • Auto-ban IP addresses when they send too many failed recipients
  • Ban on a domain-to-domain basis