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Weekly #30 - HTTP/3, K8s, mental models, Boss as a Service

Technol├│gie Some notes about HTTP/3 New mining Trojan for Linux removes anti-viruses A Container For Your App, My Dear! Web scraping with Node.JS and Cheerio Learn Git Branching Advanced web security topics Monolithic Architecture vs. Microservices: Choosing the Right Architecture for the Project Th…


Black Friday a Cyber Monday 2018 pre geekov

Pokia─ż ide o ÔÇ×n├íkupn├ę sviatkyÔÇť ako Black Friday a Cyber Monday som pomerne skeptick├Ż a opatrn├Ż. Bez porovn├íva─Źa cien sa neoplat├ş nakupova┼ą. Tu je preh─żad zliav, ktor├ę by mohli pote┼íi┼ą nejednu technologick├║ du┼íu. Knihy, kurzy a vzdel├ívanie O'Reilly Media - save $200 on your first year, use promo code…


Weekly #23

Technol├│gie Banksy Shredder A Brief History of High Availability How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python Automatic Kernel Optimization for Deep Learning on All Hardware Platforms List of languages that compile to JS Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Announce Intent to Create J…

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