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Weekly #62 - Scrum, NPS, RevOps, Kubernetes security, Elastifile

Technol├│gie A New Redis Benchmark Hits 200 Million Ops/Sec Ten Years of Erlang 10 Serverless security best practices From a high traffic monolithic app to serverless Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless ÔÇô Now Generally Available CDNs Should Work Like Databases Client side caching in Redis 6 27-Factor…


Weekly #56 - ZFS on Linux 0.8, Perl 5.30, GParted 1.0, Angular 8, CVE-2018-15664

Technol├│gie The Twistlock Acquisition: An Analysis of Palo Alto NetworksÔÇÖ strategy ZetaSQL - Analyzer Framework for SQL What sucks about GitLab? CVE-2018-15664: docker (all versions) is vulnerable to a symlink-race attack Debugging Firmware with GDB Security for Elasticsearch is now free Linux distr…


Ako zabr├íni┼ą zneu┼żitiu emailu pri exspirovan├ş dom├ęny ÔÇô rozhovor pre Ecommerce Bridge

E┼íte koncom minul├ęho roka ma oslovil zakladate─ż a ved├║ci projektu Ecommerce Bridge ┼átefan Polg├íri, ktor├ęho asi pozn├íte hlavne kv├┤li jeho Affiliate sieti Dognet, ─Źi by som neporozpr├íval nie─Źo o bezpe─Źnosti mailov. Konkr├ętne pri znovu zaregistrovan├ş exspirovanej dom├ęny a aktiv├ícii dom├ęnov├ęho ko┼ía. T…


Weekly #44 - PHP 7.4, Wireshark 3, S.I.M.P.L.E.

Technol├│gie What happened to OpenStack? Containers as kernel objects ÔÇö again I have 800 passwords New in PHP 7.4 Wireshark 3.0.0 Released How we used delayed replication for disaster recovery with PostgreSQL Creating a Simple Contacts List with Laravel and PostgreSQL The Current State of Open Source…


Weekly #43 - WordPress 5.1, Go 1.12, Git 2.21

Technol├│gie WordPress 5.0.0 Remote Code Execution WordPress 5.1 ÔÇťBettyÔÇŁ Go 1.12 is released Beautiful Python List Prompts Made Simple Is Shared Database in Microservices actually anti-pattern? Highlights from Git 2.21 MySQL Challenge: 100k Connections Cleave.js - format your <input/> content w…


Weekly #40 - PHP 7.4, JavaScript kni┼żnice, security checklists, Kubernetes

Technol├│gie Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Alt Text on Images A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Blockchain Universe Co p┼Öinese PHP 7.4? SVG Filter Effects: Duotone Images with <feComponentTransfer> A JavaScript library for financial calculations Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript…

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