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Weekly #24

Technológie Firefox removes core product support for RSS/Atom feeds Google making YouTube slower for non-Chromium browsers? 33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know Detailed Logging for Enterprise-Grade PostreSQL Go 1.11 got me to stop ignoring Go Interactive book which aims to be the best…


Weekly #23

Technológie Banksy Shredder A Brief History of High Availability How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python Automatic Kernel Optimization for Deep Learning on All Hardware Platforms List of languages that compile to JS Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Announce Intent to Create J…


Weekly #20

Technológie :empty and :blank Google’s Plan to Fix Email Is Deeply Flawed Medium clone built with Ruby on Rails Interactive Git Cheatsheet Předvídatelné pojmenování síťových karet v Linuxu: kam se podělo eth0 Checklists: a stupidly simple but valuable operational gift A fully automated HTTPS server…


Weekly #15

Technológie Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, and CentOS Linux Now Patched Against "Foreshadow" Attacks Practical Web Cache Poisoning A Detailed Look at RFC 8446 (a.k.a. TLS 1.3) 1/0 = 0 Asking questions to images with deep learning: a visual-question-answer…


Weekly #10

Technológie Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar updated with max 32 GB RAM, ‘improved’ third-generation keyboard, True Tone, and new Intel chips Vue.js: the good, the meh, and the ugly Why Kubernetes is The New Application Server Databases 101 ICANN't get no respect: Europe throws Whois privacy plan in…


Weekly #9

Technológie GitLab moving from Azure to Google Cloud Platform Open-sourcing Katran, a scalable network load balancer Samsung phones are spontaneously texting users’ photos to random contacts without their permission 8 Stunning CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets for Enhancing Illustration Amazon Linu…

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