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CSS ūüé®

Kask√°dov√© Ň°t√Ĺly (Cascading Style Sheets) je jednoduch√Ĺ mechanizmus na vizu√°lne form√°tovanie internetov√Ĺch dokumentov


Weekly #63 - Ballista, AbC, OctoSQL

Technol√≥gie CSS Architecture for Multiple Websites Everything You Need To Know About CSS Margins Why Benchmarking Distributed Databases Is So Hard When SQL Isn‚Äôt the Right Answer How To Do Canary Deployments With Istio and Kubernetes OctoSQL is a query tool that allows you to join, analyse and trans…


Weekly #47 - OpenBSD, serverless, CSS reset, nano 4.0

Technol√≥gie Managing Kubernetes Ingresses GNU nano 4.0 "Thy Rope of Sands" How to collect, standardize, and centralize Golang logs Using the iPad Pro as my development machine Well, it‚Äôs been a while ‚Äď falling in love with OpenBSD again Who has the fastest website in F1? 7 things you shoul…


Weekly #45 - trolls, Revolut, Nginx, Mellanox

Technol√≥gie NGINX to Join F5: Proud to Finish One Chapter and Excited to Start the Next NVIDIA to Acquire Mellanox for $6.9 Billion Reducing High CPU on MySQL: a Case Study Styling Based on Scroll Position Some Postgres Best Practices Gotify - A self-hosted push notification service Why isn‚Äôt CPU ti…


Weekly #43 - WordPress 5.1, Go 1.12, Git 2.21

Technol√≥gie WordPress 5.0.0 Remote Code Execution WordPress 5.1 ‚ÄúBetty‚ÄĚ Go 1.12 is released Beautiful Python List Prompts Made Simple Is Shared Database in Microservices actually anti-pattern? Highlights from Git 2.21 MySQL Challenge: 100k Connections Cleave.js - format your <input/> content w…


Weekly #32 - Mozilla, Tumblr, CVE-2018-1002105, G+, Windows SSH

Technol√≥gie Na ńćem bńõŇĺ√≠ Seznam.cz: BńõŇĺn√Ĺ standard uŇĺ nestańć√≠, pŇôech√°z√≠ na vlastn√≠ cloud i servery Super Micro: Audit neprok√°zal, Ňĺe by naŇ°e ńćipy kompromitovali ńĆ√≠Ňąan√© Windows Server 2019 Includes OpenSSH FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE Now Available Docker Logging, a Hitchhiker's Guide Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002…

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