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Kaskádové štýly (Cascading Style Sheets) je jednoduchý mechanizmus na vizuálne formátovanie internetových dokumentov


Weekly #21

Technológie A guide and tool for cracking ssh known_hosts files with hashcat Linux - The beginning of the end The Low Hanging Fruit of Web Performance Do not fall into Oracle's Java 11 trap What makes a good front-end developer? Prohlížeče v Česku: Webdesignérův průvodce pro rok 2018 Lwan is a high-…


Weekly #17

Technológie WordPress is at a Crossroads Using Feature Detection to Write CSS with Cross-Browser Support The distributed team’s guide to Git mirrors Lazyestload.js - load images only when they are in (and remain in) the viewport Basic Webpack Setup Front-End Performance Checklist ::before vs :before…


Weekly #13

Technológie How we spent 30k USD in Firebase in less than 72 hours Amazon cloud revenue jumps 49 percent Git Aliases & Shell Why I deleted my GitHub account DevOps Use Case: Performing Redis maintenance in Kubernetes Save costs in your Kubernetes cluster with 5 open source tools GKE On-Prem Goog…


Weekly #7

Technológie Fedora CoreOS JSON APIs Are Just Web Applications MyHeritage Statement About a Cybersecurity Incident Intel and AMD Reveal New Processor Designs transfer.sh - Easy file sharing from the command line React Native at Airbnb Hot tips CSS UX & Service design DesignOps Handbook Never Over…


Weekly #3

Technológie What is an SSL Certificate and How It Can Help Your Website nest - progressive Node.js framework for building efficient and scalable server-side applications What Does “Production Ready” Really Mean for a Kubernetes Cluster? Evolving Chrome's security indicators Windows 10 OpenSSH Client…


Weekly #2

Technológie CSS Grid Layout Interface Builder Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t. PSA: PGP and S/MIME email clients may leak encrypted emails UX & Service design The Fastest Way to Increase Your Site's Performance Now Product Design Principles in a Single Card 28 helpful Slac…

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