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CSS ūüé®

Kask√°dov√© Ň°t√Ĺly (Cascading Style Sheets) je jednoduch√Ĺ mechanizmus na vizu√°lne form√°tovanie internetov√Ĺch dokumentov


ńĆo prinesie Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap je slobodn√Ĺ a open-source CSS framework zameran√Ĺ na responz√≠vny a mobile first front-end webov√Ĺ v√Ĺvoj. A vŇ°etky predpovede nasvedńćuj√ļ, Ňĺe verzie Bootstrap 5 by sme sa mali dońćkaŇ• tesne pred letom. Ak√© zmeny t√°to verzia prin√°Ň°a? tou najz√°sadnejŇ°ou je zbavenie sa jQuery - tu s√ļ benefity jas…


Weekly #97 - dark mode email, Slack etiketa, CSS, node.js, Dispatch

Technol√≥gie Load Balancing PHP-FPM with HAProxy and FastCGI Handling 350k Requests for $3 using Lambda A command line application written in Rust capable of delaying execution of other programs for time periods relative to sunrise and sunset 10 Ways to Hide Elements in CSS Negative margins in CSS 50…


Weekly #94 - rast DevOps, node.js, HTTP/3, UX

Technol√≥gie Structuring Your Teams for Software Reliability Scaling to 100k Users How we optimized our DNS server using go tools How To Read An Excel File In Node.js 6 Lessons learned from optimizing the performance of a Node.js service Block Editor Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress 5.4 A Complete Gui…


Weekly #90 - Golang, academic torrents, data as code, Facebook

Technol√≥gie CSS-Only Carousel Animate Text on Scroll Free hand drawn emoji font Making Slideshows w/FFMpeg Top 6 security best practices for Go HTML, CSS and Go, Together at Long Last: Vugu Premise and Example Goroutine leak detector Building a BitTorrent client from the ground up in Go academictorr…


Weekly #86 - node.js, cloud report, frontend, CSS, ChubaoFS

Technol√≥gie GCP Comes Out Swinging Against AWS and Azure in 2020 Cloud Report A delightful toolkit for building TypeScript-powered command-line apps Pure JavaScript SSH2 Client and Server Modules for Node Low-Cost VPS Testing Build a Simple Weather App With Vanilla JavaScript Fastest full featured P…


Weekly #84 - No to Chrome, 2020 prediction, Intel roadmap

Technol√≥gie An Introduction to the Picture-in-Picture Web API How Do You Remove Unused CSS From a Site? Node.js vs PHP for BackEnd Web Audit No to Chrome CSS: An Art, a Science, a Nightmare (Everything You Should Know) Vue vs React: Which is the better framework? 5 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Word…

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