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Weekly #73 - security, AWS, Hvězda svobody, TikTok

Technológie Should VMware Change Its Name? My top 25 items in a senior engineer’s checklist Is serverless the end of ops? Automatically compress images on Pull Requests KubeSphere is an enterprise-grade multi-tenant container management platform that built on Kubernetes Announcing Istio 1.3 Modern a…


Weekly #70 - serverless.help, scrollytelling, Hadoop

Technológie serverless.help Serverless costs calculator Ten Things Serverless Architects Should Know Istio the Easy Way 4 Different Approaches for Kubernetes in the Enterprise What happened to Hadoop Apple připomíná vývojářům, aby připravili své aplikace pro Dark Mode v iOS 13 Improving Siri’s priva…


Weekly #69 - R.U.R., DevOps, Lambda, ruské modelky

Technológie 10 ways DevOps helps digital transformation Continuous Verification of Friday Deploys The Dark Side of AWS Lambda Libraries, samples and tools to help Go developers develop AWS Lambda functions Containers 102: Kubernetes and the Basics of Container Orchestration A journey from containeri…


Weekly #65 - UX, Vmware, Knative, video marketing

Technológie Faster XML stream processing in Go Kubernetes Deployments: The Ultimate Guide Google Cloud to offer VMware data-center tools natively Understand AWS Serverless architecture in 10 minutes Happy birthday Knative! Celebrating one year of portable serverless computing Getting Started with Kn…


Weekly #63 - Ballista, AbC, OctoSQL

Technológie CSS Architecture for Multiple Websites Everything You Need To Know About CSS Margins Why Benchmarking Distributed Databases Is So Hard When SQL Isn’t the Right Answer How To Do Canary Deployments With Istio and Kubernetes OctoSQL is a query tool that allows you to join, analyse and trans…


Weekly #62 - Scrum, NPS, RevOps, Kubernetes security, Elastifile

Technológie A New Redis Benchmark Hits 200 Million Ops/Sec Ten Years of Erlang 10 Serverless security best practices From a high traffic monolithic app to serverless Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless – Now Generally Available CDNs Should Work Like Databases Client side caching in Redis 6 27-Factor…

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