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Weekly #98 - databázy, npm, Kubevirt, Bottlerocket, GitHub for mobile

Technológie GitHub for mobile is now available Barva podle odrolování na stránce npm is joining GitHub Why Golang and Not Python? Which Language is Perfect for AI? 10 Git Techniques You Need to Know Before You Join a Team Recursive SQL Queries with PostgreSQL How We Improved Data Discovery for Data…


Weekly #87 - WTF Python, SQL, phpMyAdmin 5.0, Double Irish, Kafka GUI

Technológie How a SQL database works MySQL Docker Containers: Quick Async Replication Test Setup When an SQL database makes a great Pub/Sub How to analyse 100 GB of data on your laptop with Python What the f*ck Python The Fundamental Problem in Python 3 A Failed SaaS Postmortem Six Web Performance T…


Weekly #71 - Apple keynote, K8s, UX, Facebook, burnout

Technológie A huge database of Facebook users’ phone numbers found online A go package for generating online histograms and plotting them in the terminal and PDFs Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy camaro is an utility to transform XML to JSON, using Node.js b…


Weekly #56 - ZFS on Linux 0.8, Perl 5.30, GParted 1.0, Angular 8, CVE-2018-15664

Technológie The Twistlock Acquisition: An Analysis of Palo Alto Networks’ strategy ZetaSQL - Analyzer Framework for SQL What sucks about GitLab? CVE-2018-15664: docker (all versions) is vulnerable to a symlink-race attack Debugging Firmware with GDB Security for Elasticsearch is now free Linux distr…


Weekly #24

Technológie Firefox removes core product support for RSS/Atom feeds Google making YouTube slower for non-Chromium browsers? 33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know Detailed Logging for Enterprise-Grade PostreSQL Go 1.11 got me to stop ignoring Go Interactive book which aims to be the best…


Inštalácia Microsoft SQL Server na Ubuntu 16.04

To, že Microsoft sa zmenil a že Linux ako operačný systém považuje za asi už menšiu rakovinu potvrdzuje aj portovanie Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) práve preň. Vlajková a riadne predražená loď Microsoftu sa teda odoberie do nových vôd. Tu sarkazmus končí a či chceme alebo nie, tak pôjde o fakt na kt…

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