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Go je kompilovaný multiparadigmatický programovací jazyk vytvorený v Google v roku 2007. Ide o staticky typovaný jazyk so syntaxou odvodenou z jazyka C


Weekly #88 - Google Cloud Run, Python, B2C

Technológie Studying an Incident Linus Torvalds: Linux Scheduler Not To Blame For Google Stadia Port Issues Why I use R Go syntax implementation in Python 11 Resource to Learn Python for Beginners Top 10 Python libraries of 2019 Learn from your attackers – SSH HoneyPot Mini HTTP guide for developers…


Weekly #57 - Go, Facebook pixel, Kubernetes, Apple WWDC, Kinsey Wolanski

Technológie End Of Life dates Broken by default: why you should avoid most Dockerfile examples Announcing the fastest WebAssembly runtime for Go: wasmer How To Do Math in Go with Operators How To Compile Go code 40% faster with RAM disk Accessible Icon Buttons Deploying Active-Active PostgreSQL on K…


Weekly #50 - DNS-as-a-service, SRE, Fukushima, Notre-Dame

Technológie Building a DNS-as-a-service with OpenStack Designate How to write Kubernetes custom controllers in Go 6 Kubernetes security questions, answered Comparing Kubernetes Service Mesh Tools Why are my Go executable files so large? CUE is an open source data constraint language which aims to si…

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